The symposium attracts more than 150 delegates from around the world.


The audience addressed consists of executive chemists, engineers and business developers in the pharmaceutical and fine chemicals industry dealing with the whole manufacturing chain (research, synthesis, analysis, work-up).


Get visible at the event through all our different kind of sponsorships: Table, Commercial Speech, DEMOs (companies have the possibility to display their reactions through a video recorded in advance in their labs) and others


For more information on the sponsorship and exhibition possibilities, please contact Simona Rivarollo simona@teknoscienze.com

AM Technology specialise in actively mixed plug flow reactors and we are global leaders in this field.  We sell Coflore® flow reactors up to 100 litres and provide testing services for customers in our well-equipped test laboratories.

The Fine Chemicals division of Angelini is one of the major CDMO serving the pharmaceutical market. For over 50 years Angelini is recognized in the global pharmaceutical outsourcing market for custom synthesis. Angelini Fine Chemicals is housing cutting-edge R&D flow labs and industrial micro-reactors for small molecules research, development and commercial manufacturing in custom business.

APIS Chem S.r.l. is a consulting company founded in 2002 and based in Milan (Italy) which offers services specialized in Custom Synthesis, providing support from the preclinical phase to Phase 4, chiefly via the critical analysis of synthetic aspects, scaling-up criticalities, intellectual property issues and other technical matters.

Cambrex is an innovative life sciences company that provides products, services and technologies to accelerate the development and commercialization of small molecule therapeutics. The Company offers Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), advanced intermediates and enhanced drug delivery products for branded and generic pharmaceuticals.

We combine expertise in the field of (Chemical) engineering and chemistry. We focus on delivering the customer higher profits by accessing new chemical possibilities, via a safe and reliable scale-up. Our portfolio covers the total process from R&D to full scale production, using glass, metal and ceramic reactors. This means we can offer scalable and flexible Flow Chemistry solutions.

Corning® Advanced-Flow™ reactors (AFR) provide customers with cost-effective solutions, specialized engineering support, and  more than 165 years of materials and process expertise. Corning’s reactors are specially designed to enable the conversion of batch chemical processes to continuous processes for industrial-scale to multi-ton production of chemicals for the pharmaceutical, specialty and fine chemical industries.

Creaflow designs and distributes innovative, scalable continuous flow reactors for the life science and chemical industry. Its flagship product, the HANU-reactor, is a pulsating plate reactor with several unique features which makes it ideal for scalable photochemistry. Creaflow originates from a collaboration between the companies EcoSynth (CRO) and Ajinomoto OmniChem (CMO).

CSIRO, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, is Australia's national science agency and one of the largest and most diverse research agencies in the world. As the largest patent holder in the nation, CSIRO’s wealth of intellectual property has led to more than 150 spin-off companies.

For more information visit www.csiro.au

Ehrfeld Mikrotechnik sets standards worldwide in terms of microreaction technology. The portfolio is aligned to established equipment concepts in process technologies, with which we can meet an enormous range of disparate requirements. We focus on achieving tangible added value by implementing the technology platform of micro- and millireactors from lab to production scale.

EnginZyme makes it easy to develop biocatalytic flow chemistry processes. Our universal immobilization system EziG is uniquely suited for operation in flow reactors, and we’ve used it to help customers across a range of industries meet development objectives.

Flowid develops continuous reactor solutions. From process development services to the realisation of skids. Flowid’s SpinPro reactors are known for their high mass and heat transfer. Giving you unique control over the most demanding multiphase, exothermic chemistry including precipitation and emulsification. Our solutions are easily scalable from lab to full-scale production.

Fraunhofer ICT offers R&D services in the field of chemical synthesis, process development, process optimization and process analysis based on continuous processing and micro process engineering. We develop and apply spectroscopic and calorimetric process analysis techniques to provide insights into chemical processes, and to apply them in integrated process control.

HNP Mikrosysteme develops, manufactures and markets pumps. These micro annular gear pumps are ideally used where fast and highly precise dosage is required. Five series guarantee a flow rate from 1 µl/h to 1152 ml/min and a pressure up to 150 bar.

Furthermore, HNPM develops dosing systems according to customer requirements. The Modular Dosing Systems (MoDoS®) is a tailor-made pump system for pilot plants and industrial research in the field of fine chemical and pharmaceutical production.

In Italy, pumps and systems of HNPM are distributed by Techma. Techma Gpm S.r.l. has one of the most completed, high technology and high quality range of pumps on the market and this allows the company to work in very specialized and high technology niches, like chemical processing & pharmaceutical industry.

Kaneka is a technology-oriented chemical company with over 40 years experience in the pharmaceutical ingredients business. We have over 10 years experience in Flow Chemistry using our proprietary, flow reactor equipment operated under GMP conditions. We can provide solutions at the R&D and commercial scale using our expertise and facilities.

KOBE STEEL, LTD., is one of the major manufactures of heavy machinery products for Oil, Gas, & Chemical fields, founded in 1905. Since we’ve developed our “Stacked Multi-Channel Reactor (SMCR)” in 2012, we’ve been collaborating with customers to expand the field of flow-chemistry in large capacity application, i.e. bulk chemical industry.

La Mesta Chimie Fine, part of Yriel Group is a technology driven CMO located in the French Riviera (north of Nice, France) and offers multistep organic chemistry in batch and in flow chemistry with the proprietary Raptor technology for the production of fine chemicals for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, F&F, agrochemicals and photo industry.

Founded in 2004, Magritek is the global leader in manufacturing cryogen-free benchtop Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectrometers for the analytical instrument market. Magritek’s revolutionary 80 MHz, 60 MHz, and 43 MHz Spinsolve family of benchtop NMR models offer the highest sensitivity and resolution available in the market.  These portable systems are robust and easy to use, allowing modern NMR methods to be performed on the chemistry lab bench or inside the fume hood next to a reactor. Magritek has offices in Germany, USA, and New Zealand, as well as a worldwide network of partners to help support its customers. Learn more at www.magritek.com.

Microinnova is an expert for continuous manufacturing working with fine chemical and pharmaceutical industry. As specialist of innovative process technology Microinnova works out customer specific solutions. The product portfolio ranges from process development to manufacturing solutions with modular flexible plant systems

Motor Technology is the European agent for Fuji Techno Industries – Japan, manufacturer of high precision super metering pumps. The HY series pumps are suitable for continuous flow chemistry, feeding reactors, spraying/washing systems and super critical applications (e.g.CO2 injection, Grignard, organic-lithium). Motor Technology can assist with the pump specification and the supply of complete drive systems and skids.

Parr Instrument Company designs and manufactures pressure vessels, stirred reactors, and high pressure tubular reactors in a variety of special alloys and sizes for the study of catalytic reactions in batch, continuous-flow, and multiple/parallel operation for the chemical, polymer, pharmaceutical, petroleum and petrochemical industries. To discuss your needs, visit us in Milano, Italy at the

10th Symposium on Continuous Flow Reactor Technology.

Syrris creates award-winning chemistry systems that help chemists create their best chemistry. Our products are used in labs worldwide for process development, discovery chemistry, reaction calorimetry, crystallization, & process scale-up.


Asia is the R&D 100 Award-winning flow chemistry system from Syrris. With over 15 different modules, Asia offers ultimate reaction control and enables chemists to build a custom solution that fits their exact needs

Asia is in daily use for ground-breaking research and development including the world’s top pharmaceutical, chemical, and food & fragrance companies. Regularly featured in publications from leading research groups including the Ley Group (University of Cambridge), the Boss Group (Rodrigo de Souza at UFRJ), and the Kappe Group (University of Graz), Asia is also helping academics to access new chemistries previously not possible.

Check our Asia equipment out at booth #20!

ThalesNano - Creating solutions in flow to advance synthesis

• Leader in research-scale flow chemistry reactors

• A range of chemistry-specific instruments to solve daily challenges

• 1200 + instruments worldwide, 500+ publications

• From everyday synthesis to patentable chemistry

• Extraordinary simplified, safe investigation to speed up your reactions

• Chemists love it!

“Uniqsis is dedicated to offering accessible Flow Chemistry for seamless reaction optimisation, synthesis and scale-up from milligrams to 5 Kg per day.Uniqsis offer 3 flow chemistry platforms the FlowLab starter system, FlowLab Plus and the FlowSyn that can have full automation with 4 reactors and 4 pump channels.  There are also reagent delivery systems and heated and refrigerated reactor stations and in-line detectors available for chemists that want to build their own flow chemistry systems. Reactions can be carried out from -88°C to 300°C. “

Vapourtec Ltd, based near to Cambridge, United Kingdom, is the world’s leading manufacturer of flow chemistry instruments. Vapourtec have over 15 years’ experience of producing specialist equipment for the biggest names in industry and academia globally. To date, the flagship Vapourtec R-Series flow chemistry system and flexible E-Series system feature in over 470 peer reviewed publications.


Alfatech Spa located in Genoa (Italy), has over 30 years’ experience of providing specialised laboratory equipment to pharmaceutical companies and academia across Italy. Alfatech’s experienced sales and service team provide solutions, support and application development in all areas of sample preparation, chromatography and chemical synthesis.

Zaiput Flow Technologies is the leading provider of liquid-liquid separation technology for flow chemistry. We specialize in modular and scalable liquid-liquid separators and back pressure regulators. Our innovative tools are equipped with robust designs suitable for harsh chemistries and for a variety of flow rates.

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