1st Symposium

Chimica Oggi/Chemistry Today organized a first symposium on “Continuous Flow Reactor Technology for Industrial Applications” on October 12th, one day before CPhI, in Madrid. In coordination with the symposium sponsor, Corning SAS, Chimica Oggi/Chemistry Today brought together seventeen speakers from industry and academia to discuss the most recent applications and experiences from the world of continuous flow chemistry. In a packed, full-day agenda, the presentations were organized in sessions, including: - Continuous Flow Reactors in Industrial Production - Best Practices for Continuous Flow Reactors - Pumps, Control Systems and On-Line Analysis, spaced out by two panel discussions on future applications for continuous processing and practical experiences from the industry (1).

The aim of the symposium was to highlight the breakthrough technology of continuous flow reactors in the area of industrial chemical synthesis, enabling fewer reagents, less discarded materials, high throughput, more efficiency, increased safety and reduced environmental impact. Conventional synthesis normally occurring in “batch” reactors, where reagents are mixed and react in bulky vessels, often generate by-products that are wasted, and in the case of dangerous processes or highly toxic reagents, may represent a safety issue. Flow reactors continuously and efficiently stream chemicals together in a highly controlled manner. Given the high level of optimization, significant savings can be realized by bringing together fewer reagents to obtain the same amount of final product achieved by batch.


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